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Ohio Medical Marijuana is committed to helping you find approved Ohio Medical Marijuana Doctors.  So we’re here to help guide you through each stage, until you’re fully registered for medical cannabis in Ohio.  Because you have to see an approved Doctor to get your Ohio Medical Marijuana card, you need the best info above all.  So we’ve provided you with the best resource for locating an approved Ohio Medical Marijuana doctor!

You will receive your new Patient ID card digitally and can either keep a copy on your smartphone or print up a hard copy.  Your Patient ID registration cost is $50 through the Ohio Board of Pharmacy and is good for 1 year.  Because they don’t want patients “doctor shopping”, you need to have a pre-diagnosed ailment.

Once you receive your Patient ID card, you’re finally free to visit any of the available dispensaries throughout Ohio!  Because prices and products vary, it helps to call ahead or check their website to see what their available menu looks like.

Finally it seems like Ohio’s Medical Marijuana program is taking shape!  As a result, thousands of Ohio Patients are getting the relief they so desperately need!  

21 Qualifying Conditions To Become A Patient In Ohio

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