5 CBD Products in the USA Most Don’t Know About

If you have not heard of CBD by now, you might want to pay a bit more attention. These days, the previously unknown product from the cannabis plant is all the rage in the U.S. health and wellness market. Take a trip down to your local health store or pharmacy and you will likely be confronted by a wide array of innovative CBD products which are designed to fulfill the needs of almost every customer.

While many of the therapeutic benefits of CBD are now largely beyond dispute, part of the reason for the explosion of CBD products has been the recognition among entrepreneurs that the public’s newfound interest in CBD represents a massive profit-making opportunity. Whereas all the traditional forms of CBD are still wildly popular among consumers, a new breed of stranger CBD products are hitting the market with varying success.

In this post, we will take a look at five of the stranger CBD products out there that you probably will not have heard of.

  1. CBD Toothpicks

There are several companies out there today that are offering CBD toothpicks. While their primary job remains the removal of food particles from between your teeth, these toothpicks are designed to provide relief from tooth and gum pain as well!

Available in a variety of flavors, CBD toothpicks lead to immediate absorption of CBD into the bloodstream when chewed. This provides the user a useful tool for maintaining excellent dental hygiene as well as the full range of therapeutic benefits associated with CBD.

  1. CBD Cigarettes

That’s right, CBD cigarettes in the USA are a thing now. They are also called hemp cigarettes and one brand is even known as Hempettes, a play on cigarettes but with hemp. They contain less than 0.3% THC so don’t worry, you won’t get high from smoking them.

Many are using these as an alternative to smoking regular cigarettes and many brands are selling them in the USA. CBD or not, of course smoking anything isn’t ideal for your lungs but they don’t have the chemicals or addictive substances found inside regular ones.  For those that dip, yes they even have a CBD option for that too. 

  1. CBD Lube

For people who are looking to spice up their sex lives, there is now a whole host of products containing CBD which are designed to increase sensation. One of these is CBD lube.

CBD lube is marketed for its ability to relieve tension and boost erotic enjoyment. Many people are reporting an improved sex life through the use of these products. Indeed, they are increasingly being used by both men and women as a remedy for sexual dysfunction.

  1. CBD Suppositories

A suppository is the name for a bullet-shaped object containing medicine that is designed for anal or vaginal insertion. Once inserted, they dissolve, releasing their medicine so that it can be absorbed through the rectal or vaginal wall.

Suppositories are one of the most efficient ways of getting CBD into your body. They have a much higher bioavailability than oils, edibles or vapes, making them perfect for people who need their CBD in high-strength doses. They are also excellent for sufferers of lower gastrointestinal issues and menstrual pain, as they allow for the specific targeting of the lower abdominal region. 

  1. CBD Hand Sanitizer

The importance of keeping your hands clean cannot be overstated during times like these. But there is no reason you should stick to the boring hand sanitizer sold at your local drug store!

Why not try one of the growing numbers of CBD hand sanitizers that have recently come onto the market? Not only do they kill any nasty bugs that you may pick up, but they also provide a little slice of soothing calm and relaxation in these admittedly stressful times.

Since CBD has become more  just a couple of years ago, the market in CBD products has mushroomed in a way that few people predicted. You can now find the cannabinoid being added to almost every health and wellness product under the sun. The list above includes some of the more interesting innovations in the CBD industry, but it really only scratches the surface. Check out your favorite online CBD dispensary for more outlandish products!

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