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General Hydroponics Flora Series

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I am only on my 2nd hydro bucket and am running a low pressure Aeroponics with a cycle timer.

I have a couple questions.

1: can someone please give me an idea on how long to run the pump and for how long of a cycle? I have it set for 5 seconds every 5 minutes. I do not want to run it continuously... or I would run a DWC. TIA

2: Feeding schedule... I never been great with that so I started a journal now that we are legal. I am just out of seedling stage and the roots are at least 1 foot long. I used 1/2tsp each of the 3 bottles per gallon for now. The TDS was at or close to 700 with a starting point of 106.

3: PH... I been setting it closse to 6.0 good?

Apple Fritter Breath 35 days

Thanks for any input. Been growing in soil a very long time so not new to it.

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UPDATE: Nevermind. No help since I posted and as some may know, things happened faster than getting help.

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hey sorry man... hows it going did you figure it out??

no, just working with it and who knows if I bomb at it. I have 5 in dirt just in case.

Hey bro, I apologize for not seeing this.  We are just launching the online community & I wasn't getting notifications on new posts for some reason.

I think you had your parameters set pretty good.  700 ppms is a solid number, not too hot to burn the plants.

Yes PH at 6.0 - you can fluctuate anywhere from 5.5 - 6.5 and still be ok.  That's why shooting for 6.0 is good since it's right in the middle.

I do not know of a timer that can cycle on & off that often.  There may be some fancy electronic controller or timer, but probably isn't cheap.

Why don't you want to run the sprays 24/7?

Aeroponics is actually even better than DWC for growth and production.  But usually the sprayers are ran 24/7 to keep roots saturated.

There are many upsides to aeroponics over DWC, one of which requires less water in your reservoir to work by continuously spraying the roots.

Post some pics of your grow up if you'd like!

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I am now way past this stage and Thank you for replying. I am getting notified now as well.
I am now running my aggresive growth numbers and the plant is doing good. Monster growth. ppm is ~1100 off hand guess without my logs.

I have studdied diy buckets with sprayers and many run cycle times. I do already have a cycle timer and I can do 1 second on and 1 second off if I so wished. I found it beneficial to allow the roots to breath between spray cycles. I am now running it at 15 seconds on<>3  minutes off. The big reason I bought this timer is reliability. My first setup ran 15 minutes  every hour and the grow was very good. I just want to tweak it. I got very nice air roots and the tap root and all draped into the solution. I run 2 gallons of water in the 5 gallon bucket, change it every 2 weeks and test the nutes at 1 week and top off and reset the PH.

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I have tried several methods to add an image and can't. Please look into that. No upload button and it does not upload using the right path statement.

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Ok glad to hear you were able to push through it.

Sounds like you've got a good setup with the sprayers and that sweet timer.

I love aeroponics and DWC.  No more soil for me lol

I also run dry nutrients vs liquid as well

I will look into the image issue, I thought it was enabled.  Thanks for the info.

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I tried again in a simple way to point to a simple .jpg in the root of C:\ and a simple name. The image block displays an empty image placeholder with edit tools but a broken image icon meaning it cannot point to the local file. Hope this helps. also don't forget no 'Browse' button for local files to upload.

I used to use wordpress for our website at work. Good luck.


Hey sorry I've been super busy planning the upcoming Farmers Market.

I have this picture issue on my to-do list, but I probably won't be able to get to it for another week.

Thanks for your patience!

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