What’s our preferred Vaporizer?

There is lots of talk about the provision in Ohio’s medical bill about the prohibition of “smoking” dry Cannabis. People aren’t too happy about it, and I don’t blame them.  The science is not finalized, so it doesn’t make much sense to add that in there when you are basing it off of nothing but Cigarette research.

That aside, Vaporization is legal, and will likely be a popular and preferred method for patients to ingest their medicine. I’m thankful that this provision exists, since in our experience, taking in Cannabis through the lungs allows for instant relief and has the benefit of allowing you to more easily control your dosage.

Lets talk brands & makes.  We’ll tell you what we know what we’ve tried with honest feedback of what we like or don’t like.

Arizer Solo: Personally, I’ve heard wonderful things from patients who use the Arizer Solo.  It is the most durable and reliable portable vape on the market, has great battery life, is incredibly clean (glass on glass) and can be a daily use work horse.

Firefly2: Alternatively, the same isn’t true with the Firefly2.  It looks amazing, the design is creative, elegant and fresh.  But the results leave a little to be desired. Unlike the Arizer, it doesn’t give you a thorough even use of the material (often burning in places, and not utilizing other areas). The battery life is pretty bad– 2 or 3 sessions before the battery is dead.  It isn’t easy to clean and the body is all plastic (also, unlike the Arizer).  At a 300+ price tag, this is a firm pass from us for medical use.

Arizer Extreme Q: It is probably one of the best desktop vaps on the market, hands down.  Performance, looks & price is beats out everything out there at around $125

Pax 2: While they’re no doubt one of the best looking designs and small compact units out there.   However, after repeated use, packing it lightly or tight, chunks or fine ground material, we have not had much luck vaping with the Pax 2.  It does offer some of the best flavor though, it is just short lived.

DaVinci Ascent: This is a great vaporizer that I’ve had for years and it has some of the best flavor out there since it has a ceramic oven and all glass air tubes.  It is also one of the best portable vaps out there.

Another company that was part of our Symposium that offers a wide selection of high quality vapes is Kind Pen.

Some will say that portable vape technology hasn’t advanced to the point where you can adequately vaporize the herb without combustion and that a desktop unit is the only way to really vaporize dry bud.  We tend to agree with this statement and as nice as the portable vaporizers are for dry herb, they really do leave much to be desired. I think the oil cartridges are the way to go. Easy to change flavors and no mess.  If you’re wanting the best experience to vape on the go, you should really look into concentrates such as wax or oil.

We are working on bringing the Ohio Medical Marijuana landscape information on which vapes are the best and will also offer a selection of them for purchase on our website in the near future.

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    Hello Lawrence & thanks for posting!

    What uncertainty around vaping were you referring to? The recent news about black market vape cartridges?

    Because under Ohio law, flower is allowed to be vaped and the easiest way to go. As long as you’re using a good rig, vaping flower is one of the best delivery methods out there. Very clean, high flavor profile & good effects.

    We’ve recently gotten legit vape cartridges at Ohio dispensaries finally and these comply with all testing and are clean and good to go for vaping in Ohio.

    Thank you.

  2. With the uncertainty of vaping why is it a requirement for medical marijuana patients to vape
    It seems likely there will be numerous lawsuits against the state of Ohio because of this law
    There is no other place in the world that has this requirement
    How can this absurd law be changed

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  4. A concentrated oil for vaporization is available at The Botanist dispensaries.

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    Not legally yet, no. Only flower has been available for vaping legally thus far. There has been an oral tincture/concentrate on the market the last couple of weeks from the brand Butterfly Effect, but not sure if that’s able to be vaped.

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