Use Hypur For Your CBD Business

Use Hypur For Your CBD Business

Why should you use Hypur for your CBD business?  One of the biggest challenges in the CBD industry still is payment processing.  Even though it is now Federally illegal, many businesses are still finding it difficult to find payment solutions, including credit card processing.  Many CBD businesses know this pain and have already been shut down by their payment provider.

In comes Hypur.  Hypur is committed to providing you dedicated services to allow you to accept secure, Electronic Payments for your CBD & Hemp businesses.  While credit cards still aren’t accepted across the industry, you’ll find that using the Hypur app is a great solution.

How is Hypur’s security you ask?  Well they are PCI DSS Certified which is the highest certification available and the industry standard for legitimate payment providers.  You can rest easy!

Their fees are similar to traditional businesses, instead of the standard “high-risk” fees most CBD accounts end up paying just to process payments electronically.

Payments are even processed and released to your bank within 1-2 days, which is even faster than credit cards in most cases!

Hypur also does NOT use offshore banks or payment processors and is based in Scottsdale, Arizona.  They only use U.S. based financial institutions and all of your transactions are held to U.S. data security & privacy standards.

By using Hypur’s app, you are providing a safe, efficient & modern shopping experience for your CBD customer.   It’s free for your customers to use & only takes a couple of minutes to sign-up.

Hypur has been around since 2014 and accepting Cannabis Payments since 2016.  They allow you to take payments In-Store, Online (E-Commerce) & also B2B.  Because Hypur is Fully-Transparent, you don’t have to worry about getting shut down when someone finds out you’re a cannabis business!

Some additional benefits of using Hypur for Payments:

  • Fast Checkouts
  • Quick Payouts
  • Sustainable Payments
  • Fraud Prevention
  • Low Fees
  • Live Support
  • Detailed Reporting
  • Fully Transparent
  • Solid Technology

Move your business forward with legit electronic payments by using Hypur today!

So you can see why you should use Hypur for your CBD business.  For more information visit their CBD Payment page.

We also recently were approved to use Hypur on our website to sell CBD Living Products: Visit Our CBD Shop!

Hypur Accepted Here

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