Updated! – Affirmative Defense Was Successfully Used By an Ohio Resident Following a Raid Last Week

Affirmative Defense Has Been Successfully Used After A Full On Raid

There was a full on raid done by an Ohio city against a man for a small amount of concentrate.  He was successfully able to use Affirmative Defense and received his medicine back, but also an apology and perhaps retribution for any damages done during the raid.

The patient used the Ohio Patients Network form to correctly document his medical marijuana conditions after seeing an Ohio medical marijuana friendly doctor.

This story is just developing and we will get more info up here to this blog entry ASAP – so stay tuned!


UPDATE 3/29/17 – Last week an Ohio patient successfully used an O.P.N. (Ohio Patient’s Network) recommendation form. Unfortunately, it was not done with ease.  To clarify before more speculations arise on social media, we are not suggesting this will work in every case scenario.  We are simply giving the general public a story of success.  Also, all parties involved will NOT be published, due to HIPPA compliance law.

The patient flew home to Ohio from Colorado last Thursday, it is not clear why the TSA alerted the local task force; however they were able to obtain a search warrant by 6 a.m. Friday.  The patients home was then raided, but authorities only discovered 5 grams of concentrate.  The patient’s attorney arrived to explain that his client was within the bounds of Ohio law, as said patient has a qualifying condition and a doctors recommendation using the Ohio Patients Network Form that we have listed below.

The medication was then given back with an apology, along with immunity from further prosecution, related to this case.

If any or more info arises, we will continue to update this blog entry.



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