The Patient & Caregiver Portal is LIVE! Now What?

Today the Ohio Board of Pharmacy finally opened the Patient & Caregiver Portal for approved Ohio Medical Marijuana doctors to submit the patients they have seen for final approval to become the first of many, LEGAL Ohio Medical Marijuana Patients!  This is a big day as it has been pushed back many times for months now and patient applications have been piling up all around the state in doctors offices.

So what’s your next step from here?  Not much until you receive an email from the Ohio Board of Pharmacy to verify your info and pay the $50 yearly fee for patients and or the $25 yearly fee for Caregivers.  This fee will be in addition to what you’ve already paid the doctor to get your Ohio medical marijuana recommendation.  Then you will download your card and can print a copy or show an electronic version on your cell phone when at a license Ohio Medical Marijuana Dispensary.  There are discounts available for veterans & low-income individuals.

So whether you saw a doctor 3 months ago or yesterday, your yearly patient registration clock starts once you are submitted by the doctor & approved by the Ohio Board of Pharmacy.

Many of you have wanted to wait until the patient portal opened to go see a doctor, well now is your time! It’s going to be a dash to the finish as many people will now rush to see a doctor & get their recommendation in hopes of being one of the first to buy legal Ohio Medical Marijuana.  You can find an approved Ohio Medical Marijuana doctor we’ve partnered with to get your Ohio medical marijuana recommendation on our Doctor Directory.

You also can find more info about that patient & caregiver registry on the Ohio Medical Marijuana program’s official page: .

When will product be available?  Many of you have already seen the half-a-dozen or so facilities that were awarded their operational licenses and have been up and running for the past 6 months.  They are now starting to harvest and are getting ready for testing, which will also be up and running in about 30 days.  Dr.  Jonathan CaChat at the Hocking College Lab expects to be the first lab to receive their operational license from the Department of Commerce.  Once their lab results come back approved, (as long they grew clean medicine) they will send it for packaging & then transport to a few dispensaries that would be up and running within the next 60 days across Ohio.  From there things will only progress more rapidly.  But there will no doubt be a supply issue in the beginning which will keep prices high, let’s just hope the quality is there as well.

Here is a great PDF explaining their reasons for holding the patient portal back, the availability of product & the 3 official steps to getting medical marijuana in Ohio as a new patient.

We will continue to keep you updated as everything with this program & the availability of medical marijuana in Ohio develops.  We will also be detailing soon which of the 56 Ohio Dispensaries are going to be open & available with product.

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