The Laws Come Out At The Ohio Medical Marijuana Advisory Meeting

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It is my pleasure to becoming to you again with the latest updates on Ohio’s Medical Marijuana Laws. Last week, we were notified two days before, there would be a brief meeting held at our state’s capital at the Vern Riffe Center – 31st Floor – Room South B & C building to go over the Ohio Medical Marijuana Advisory Committee’s advancements on implementing HB-523 on Ohio soil.

Unfortunately I was unable to attend the first session where the committee went over the morning itinerary which included: “Ethics” and “The Sunshine Laws.” I was lucky enough, however, to get the rundown from Tim Johnson after the meeting who said, “The morning half of the MMJ Advisory Committee consisted of;  A self introduction of each committee member introducing themselves and their position on the board. The Commerce Department Director spoke as to their role. An Attorney General representative spoke about public records request, ORC 149.43, to obtain certain information from the Advisory Committee. And they discussed the ethics section in the Ohio Sunshine Laws in reference to participation or involvement with the HB 523 industry.”

Before the afternoon session, I had the chance to meet with some morning attendees head  to a local Taco joint called Condado Tacos. This is where I was able to network and grab lunch with some of Ohio’s upcoming influencers which included potential Dispensary Owner from Stem Dispensaries and Cannabis Safety First also mentioned above, Tim Johnson.

Tim was on tour with The Senate Listening Tour,  Senator Yucko, and Senator Burke. He attended and spoke at all three locations, Cleveland State, University of Cincinnati, and Toledo University.

Mr. Johnson also attended the MMJ Task Force Committee Hearings, the MMJ House Select Committee and the MMJ Senate Select Committeeduring the marijuana 23 meetings and testified at all but 1 time. He has a background in law enforcement and has been resilient in making sure that he stays in his efforts in helping make cannabis medicinally legal throughout Ohio.

Over lunch, Tim discussed with us some of the potential dangers potential cannabis owners are going to face as the industry evolves and becomes more defined. Some of these possible dangers included such as Transportation Safety, Cultivation Safety, and Dispensary Safety. His firm will specialize in constructing security plans as well as offering On Site Training, Security Consulting, Take In The Regulatory Compliance Side For that will keep both people and products safe.

After enjoying some spicy but delicious tacos, we were able to conduct some video interviews then head back up to the 31st floor where the meeting was held. Media was allowed to sit in the back of the room while board and committee members alike sat in the very front , facing opposite from the crowd in a U – Shape that allowed them to view a power-point presentation that displayed the plethora of the new policies and procedures that would be making up Ohio’s new “green industry”.
People like members Hunt and Reed gave us insight into the bill and their reasoning behind certain sections, answering the panel’s questions during and after the presentation was complete.
Some of the most valuable things I took away from their presentation was:

1 ) Physician Information

2 ) Administrative And Rule making Process

3 ) Rules And Regulations For The Cultivators

The Physician’s Certification Process will require doctors to hold an additional certification that will allow them to recommend medical marijuana. By September 8th, 2017, Ohio law requires the State Medical Board of Ohio to adopt rules for physicians certified to recommend medical marijuana.

The Administrative and Rulemaking Process is a process that is headed by the Marijuana Advisory Committee and allows for 4 opportunities for the public to make comments about the rules. They asking Ohioans to start making feedback on the rules which they can submit at the committee’s website at:

The Rules And Regulations For The Cultivators were laid out by the committee as they also announced that they would release 12 Level 1 licenses and 6 Level 2 licenses prior to September 9th, 2018. To get an insight into other rules and regulations for cultivators, check out our exclusive video coverage on our youtube channel or find out more by visiting their website.

 In closing, it was apparent that the board and committee members agreed that there is still a lot of work to be done, but they were grateful for the supreme efforts that Hunt and Reed have already been putting in. One suggestion that was made in closing by a panel member was that she needs more time to clearly review the material. She said more time would allow her to bring the type of questions that will help make Ohio a model for other states looking to pass Medicinal Marijuana legislation.

Despite the short notice, it was a very informative meeting that really brought some light to what exactly is going on with Marijuana Laws in the state of Ohio.

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