Still B?lazin with Akron/Kent NORML 420 recap!

Hey Canna Friendly Friends,

It’s been awhile but I have not stopped grinding on the cause we all know and love, the legalization effort of that Mary Jane. Some big things have been happening that will be revealed throughout the summer so be sure to stay tuned.

We hit our unofficial holiday this week and I hope everyone had a fantastic 4/20. On 4/21 I was still blazing at the Vortex show Still B?lazin with Akron Kent Norml and some ganja friendly artists that happened to play. I set up shop for Weed Be Better Off with Alliances new and favorite smoke shop Cali Cultures  store owner Josh Joseph as musicians and Akronites piled into a smokey Vortex.

The crowd was of the smaller scale and the stage was lit as artists like North Coast Shakedown and Tha Grimey Onez performed unique sets that everyone could dance to.

Other than making a presence known and promoting Cali Cultures grand opening ( shameless plug: which will be on April 29th at 4pm in Alliance Ohio ), I was there to speak Akron Kent Norml leader, Jolie Townsend about the decrim movement that is setting up shop in Akron.

When I asked her why we should decrim, she said, “Decriminalization at the local level is the first step to sensible marijuana reform. Here in Akron, we have decided to do a citizen’s initiative to reduce all penalties for misdemeanor level offenses.” She went on to tell me her main reasons why she thinks decrim is absolutely necessary for our community:

Jolie’s reasons to decrim:

Resources could be better used on other projects within the city

Provide patients with the ability to legally grow,
possess and use their own medicine

Allows law enforcement to devote resources to more serious crime

Stops making criminals out of marijuana users

Saves the city $$$

According to Jolie, it costs 9× more to process a conviction for a misdemeanor offense than they receive in fines. Blacks are 4× more likely to be arrested is a national average and unfortunately in Akron, that jumps up to 8× more likely to be arrested.

Obviously everyone reading this can see exactly why we need reform. Akron Kent Norml has an action meeting coming up for people that are interested in volunteering Wednesday April 26th, 2017. You can find more information about that on their Facebook event page here:

I must admit, I was a little disappointed that there were not enough contestants for the 420 Beauty Pageant. Which brings me to my point that I would love to see some more female canna supporters participating in some 420 friendly events in the future.

Overall, it was an okay event and I look forward to working with Akron Kent Norml more in the future.

I’m very excited to see more canna themed events popping up throughout the Buckeye state and cannot wait for the show that will be occurring May 27th and 28th at the Columbus Convention Center. You can find out more information about this event by visiting:

Until Next Time, Stay Pushing

Tia Marie Trees

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