CBD Living Dabz Shatter 500 mg (Various Flavors)

Each container contains 500mg of pure CBD Dabz Shatter, which is consumed by inhaling vaporized CBD.

They come in 4 amazing flavors: Gelato, Orange Cookies, Durban Poison & Zkittles

CBD Living Dabz are oil soluble and should not be infused into water-based substances.

CBD Living Dabz Shatter is the solid, waxy crystal produced by extracting concentrated amounts of CBD. CBD is extracted from organic hemp plants and contains no THC, therefore this product will not cause the user to become “high.”

CBD Living Dabz is great for arthritis pain, headaches, inflammation, appetite stimulation and treating nausea.

CBD Living Dabz Shatter contains 500mg of crystals per container and is intended to be inhaled after exposure to high heat creates a concentrated CBD vapor.

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CBD Living Dabz Shatter is made from the purest CBD found as solid crystals (shatter). Shatter is consumed by “dabbing” a small amount of CBD concentrate onto a hot object and inhaling the smoke.

CBD Living’s products provide you with the best quality CBD shatter, called CBD Living Dabz.

For instance, this product comes in four delicious flavors including Gelato, Orange Cookies, Durban Poison and Zkittles.

These Dabz are are a highly concentrated form of CBD shatter. The CBD is removed from the hemp plant using clean C02 extraction methods and is free from solvents and chemicals.

How to Consume Dabz Shatter?

To clarify, consumers can “smoke” CBD Living Dabz Shatter by dabbing a small amount on the smoking device and inhaling the smoke. Shatter can be dabbed onto the end of a cigarette or smoked by itself, which is called “dabbing.”

However, dabbing involves vaporizing concentrated CBD by placing it on an extremely hot metal object, called a nail, and inhaling the vapors which will be produced. SO BE CAREFUL!  The result is high CBD potency, which has an immediate effect on the individual.

Health Benefits of CBD Living Shatter

Consequently, many consumers have turned to CBD Living Dabz for its high concentration of CBD and associated health benefits. CBD is non-psychoactive and will not make the user feel “high.”

Ingredients: CBD, Natural Terpenes 3% +/-

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Durbon Poison COA

Gelato COA

Orange Cookies COA

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