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Press Release: Hocking College on Track to Become One of Ohio’s First Cannabis Testing Labs

July 3, 2018

Tim Brunicardi
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Hocking College on Track to Become One of Ohio’s First Cannabis Testing Labs

Nelsonville, OH – July 3, 2018 – Hocking College has been awarded a provisional license as a Cannabis Medical Testing laboratory by the Ohio Department of Commerce, making it one of the first in the state.

“Fulfilling the Ohio legislative mandate that an Ohio public college or university serve as a testing lab for the new medical cannabis program promotes public safety, and Hocking College is proud to serve in this capacity,” said Dr. Betty Young, President of Hocking College.

Jonathan Cachat, Ph.D., Director of Laboratory Science and Undergraduate Research for Hocking College said, “This is the time for producers and growers to establish a relationship with Hocking College to provide quality laboratory services while demonstrating a commitment to public education and workforce development.”

Hocking College has approval for a new Associate Degree for Laboratory Technicians in Medical Laboratory and Chemical Laboratory Science and is awaiting approval for the first of its kind Cannabis Lab Technician.

“In Ohio and across the country the cannabis market is expected to grow to $80 billion by 2022 creating many new jobs in this highly-regulated industry.  Hocking College expects to see significant growth in workforce programs that will support the industry and provide jobs for Ohioans,” said Young.

“We have been moving full steam ahead, said Dr. Cachat.  “The building is purchased, construction is underway, and meetings with cultivators are in process – we will be fully operational when samples from cultivators are anticipated to be ready for testing.”

In addition to the mandatory third party testing, most cultivation and processing operations will also conduct on-site analytical testing and are in need of trained cannabis lab techs.  Job applicants who have hands-on experience provided by the Hocking College program will certainly be attractive to employers.

“The research and academic potential of serving as the lab testing site will support the kind of hands-on, high tech training that is the hallmark of Hocking College programs,” Dr. Young explained.  “Students will be learning cannabis specific tests and techniques and spend a significant amount of hands-on time with the same analytical instruments found in other commercial labs.  Hocking College is proud to be a pioneer in this industry by providing the training and education to produce a highly skilled and qualified workforce.”

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