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stem.jpg.2463d72ae8284f4a13daaf8fb0709c67.jpgWell hello OhioCannabis.com Readers,

I cannot thank you enough for supporting me on this journey and wanted to let you know that I have an exciting new set of interviews that I will be releasing in coming months, starting with none other than one of Ohio’s hopeful, first upcoming dispensary chains, STEM Dispensaries.

I was first able to meet Stem Dispensaries reps at the Ohio Medical Marijuana Advisory meetings this fall. I was blown away by the branding attached to this Ohio Based Dispensary already as they showed me and the OhioCannabis.com team their brand’s logo on already printed hats and stickers.

We clicked instantly and were able to get into deep conversation about the structure of Ohio’s Dispensary program. Despite the rough edges of HB 523 discussed at our lunch meeting, the STEM Dispensaries team was still eager to go all in on the not so out of reach dream of owning a legal dispensary in Ohio. Their passion intrigued me and I really couldn’t wait to find out more about them and their organization.

I was able to catch up with STEM Dispensary reps later through email to get to the root of what their organization really is and what is their goal for setting up shop in Ohio. Below are my questions with the team’s responses underneath. Enjoy!

1. What is Stem dispensaries?

STEM Dispensaries (Science. Technology. Education. Medicinals) is a medical marijuana Dispensary with hopes of obtaining a license in the State of Ohio. STEM Dispensaries was organized by a hand-picked group of industry professionals with a proven track record of success. The STEM team is committed to providing their customers with the most effective products every time they walk through the door.

2. What made you want a dispensary?

The dispensary space is where you can engage and teach patients on the benefits of medical marijuana. In a dispensary, patients have the opportunity to explore a variety of alternative medicines.

3. Did you study any other dispensaries? If so, who?

We consulted and continue consultation through industry leaders. These leaders will continue to walk us through the processes and operation methods they have faced in the medical marijuana dispensary space. They will help us form the best operations, security plans, and overall customer experience through the existence of STEM Dispensaries.

4. How do you plan on educating people about your products?

We hired a clinical director who will write and implement a free patient based training program. This program will include consultation for any questions a patient would need pertaining to medical marijuana. ie: The Endo-cannabinoid system, How Medical Marijuana helps patients, and differences in Sublingual, Transdermal and Topical training classes.

5. What are some of the biggest challenges you faced thus far trying to get into this industry?

We are fully prepared to the challenge of entering this space. The limiting amount of licensing would be the only barrier. The STEM team is compiled of a pharmacist, physician-assistant, educator,entrepreneurs, marketers, and consultation from the medical marijuana industry.

6. What charities do you plan to give back to?

STEM Dispensaries will offer a program for veterans, disabled, and patients with financial hardships. We will work with local charities to determine the needs of each organization.

7. What ailments do you want to laser target on helping?

All ailments under HB523. STEM Dispensaries are committed to the patient needs.

8. How do you plan to help the community you open in?

The cities who embrace medical marijuana will thrive from the economic benefits. We will help the local communities by offering jobs for local members. Donating to local charities and offering a safe, knowledgeable environment for patients to obtain there medicine.

9. Do you have an area you want to place your dispensary in already or are you still open?

We plan to apply for licensing in Columbus, Dayton, and Akron, OH. We have spoken to local

constituents and they will welcome us in their cities.

If you would like to find more out about STEM Dispensaries visit their website at: https://stemdispensaries.com

Much Love & Until Next Time, Stay Pushing

Tia Marie Trees


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