Ohio Pharmacy Board Would Run Medical Marijuana Program Under Bill Changes

snoop-dogg-marijuana-in-jars-6e5e87897d047f41.jpgCOLUMBUS, Ohio — Patients would be allowed to use medical marijuana from other states while Ohio sets up its own program, under changes made to a bill moving quickly through the General Assembly.

House Bill 523 would allow people with certain medical conditions to buy and use marijuana with permission of an Ohio-licensed physician. The Senate Government Oversight and Reform Committee on Wednesday made several changes to speed up the time line for establishing the program and increase patient participation in the process.

The biggest change made was moving the medical marijuana program from the Department of Commerce to the state Pharmacy Board. Sen. Dave Burke, a Marysville Republican and pharmacist, said the board would begin licensing cultivators six months earlier than under the previous version of the bill. Then the board would write rules for businesses that make marijuana products and retail dispensaries.

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