Ohio Medical Marijuana HB 523 Problems & Rally

There will be a HB 523 rally held on October 19th, from 10:00am to Noon at the entrance of the Ohio Medical Board headquarters located at 30 East Broad Street, Columbus, Ohio, 43215.

The purpose is to exert public pressure on the Medical Board of Ohio. The Medical Board statements undermines HB523/Section 6 and “Prolongs the Pain” as the Toledo Blade editorial pointed out recently.  The Medical Board of Ohio is being misleading by telling doctor they are not permitted to do so and then adding go talk to your lawyer.  Physicians all over Ohio are not making medical marijuana recommendation that they are legally able to do based on what the Medical Board of Ohio is telling them.

As a consequence patients are being stripped of having any legal protection at all.  Section 6 of HB523 was intended to be a bridge to when the program becomes operational in 2018 and offer patients the means to defend themselves if they had a law enforcement encounter.  Please note; due to the Ohio 1997 Senate bill 2, Medical Marijuana patients can be prohibited from having their doctor from testifying and providing medical documentation for using marijuana medically.

After the demonstration, we will go across the street and visit a few legislators and maybe pop into the governor’s office.  At 2:00pm we will meet at Columbus Commons.  This is a 9-acre park and green space in downtown Columbus, Ohio located on the site of the former Columbus City Center mall. The address is 160 S High St, Columbus, OH 43215 and within a block south of the State Capitol.

Attached is a small handout you may wish to print it double sided and two to a page.  In other events it has been very well received by the public.




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