Ohio Medical Marijuana Conditions: Chronic Pain

Ohio Medical Marijuana Conditions: Chronic Pain

We’d like to welcome you to the fourth installment of our latest series called,  “All About The Ailments.” We’ve partnered with OhioMedicalMarijuana.com to discuss and spotlight each of the qualifying medical ailments that cannabis has been approved to treat in the state of Ohio. Our main topic this week is Ohio Medical Marijuana Conditions: Chronic Pain.

We will be covering chronic pain and how cannabis helps treat it while also seeing what an Ohio Medical Marijuana patient is saying about how it has improved their life. 

What Is Chronic Pain?

Doctors often define chronic pain as any pain that lasts for 3 to 6 months or more.”


How Medical Marijuana Helps Individuals With Their Chronic Pain

According to OhioMarijuanaCard.com,Medical cannabis is a promising alternative for treating chronic pain. Research has shown that THC is an effective pain reliever for cancer patients. They also found that it lacked the toxic side effects found in many traditional medicines. Patients have reported relief from a wide variety of types of pain. In particular, individuals with pain related to the nervous system have seen significant benefits. With opiate addiction ruining lives and devastating communities, cannabis has grown into a trusted alternative for individuals suffering from pain on a daily basis.”


What The Patient Has To Say

We interviewed an Ohio Medical Marijuana Patient who gave us insight on how cannabis has helped her treat her chronic pain and she said,

“I have several medical conditions that cannabis helps with but one of the main ones it helps treat for me is my chronic pain. Although I’m in a wheelchair most days, cannabis has made it possible for me to move around a lot easier than before. Side effects from other pain relief medications made it impossible to function on a day-to-day basis but cannabis does not do that. It’s healing.”

As time goes on, more research is coming out about how cannabis can help treat ailments like Chronic Pain. If you are a medical patient using cannabis to treat an approved ailment and you would like to be featured in our series “All About The Ailments”, please email your story to [email protected]

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