Ohio Democratic Governors Debate #2

Tonight was the 2nd and final Ohio Democratic Governors debate. We were on the campaign trail with Bill, continuing to advise him that the real issues people care about are marijuana legalization, mental health & addiction clinics and saving as many lives as possible.

Other states that have legalized marijuana have seen almost a 30% reduction in overdose related deaths! When Ohio had over 5200 opiate related overdoses in 2017, that is a lot of family members that we can save.

Justice Bill O’Neill came out strong sticking to his platform: More Hospitals, Less Prisons and legalize marijuana to pay for it.

Rich Cordray refused to denounce his NRA support and A rating and refused to say he would ban assault weapons.

Joe Schiovoni wants to set up a bond program to rebuild Ohio’s infrastructure.

Dennis Kucinich was very adamant about banning all guns and wanted to scrub all the corruption out of Columbus.

Needless to say with a month to go, even with Rich & Dennis in the lead, this is anyone’s race to win.

But who can beat Mike Dewine and John Hustead in a Republican controlled state?

With the marijuana vote behind him of almost 3 million PRO marijuana voters in Ohio, surely Bill O’Neill can win hands down.

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