Oakwood Bans Medical Marijuana Sale, Cultivation In City Limits

The city council has voted to ban medical marijuana in the city.

The council’s 5-0 vote Monday night follows a 4-0 vote in February by the city’s planning commission to recommend an amendment to the city code that would prohibit the sale and cultivation of marijuana within city limits.

Mayor William Duncan said, “We felt like it was important to have certainty that we did not want dispensaries of medical marijuana to be sold or dispensed. It does not affect anyone who has a valid use, a requirement for medical marijuana. That’s still provided.”

Duncan said the city manager has spoken with area jurisdictions, through the manager’s mayors and manager’s association.

“Some are doing moratoriums to get ahead of the game. We decided to straight to a prohibition,” the mayor said.

The state has not put together what we think are any kid of reasonable rules and regulations as of yet, he said.

Oakwood’s ordinance is part of the city’s zoning laws, the mayor said, so future city councils can always go back and change the zoning rules.

“And there’s also a possibility that the federal government might intervene and rule that medical marijuana is constitutional… which might require us to change our ordinance,” Duncan said.

What are the rules?

The Ohio Board of Pharmacy, one of three state agencies overseeing the medical marijuana program, posted proposed rules last month that call for a ban on vaporizing medical marijuana by patients under 18, a limit on oil flavors, and restrictions on marketing toward children.

The board of pharmacy is also proposing rules that define what constitutes a 90-day supply based on the THC content in different forms. Limits would include four to six ounces of plant material based on THC content, 40.5 grams of THC for oils for vaporizing, 19.8 grams of THC for trans-dermal patches and 9 grams of THC for edibles, oils and tinctures.

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