Nectar For The Gods Nutrient Lineup

Nectar For The Gods by Oregon’s Only (1 of 4)



Oregon’s Only produces a line of some of the finest organic nutrients available called Nectar for the Gods.

This will be a 4 part blog series that will dive into each nutrient level they offer, Beginner, Advanced & Master.

It is a calcium based nutrient line that will produce some of the highest quality medical cannabis you could ever ask for!

Here is a list of their entire lineup:



  • Medusa’s Magic
  • Gaia Mania
  • Zeus Juice
  • Herculean Harvest
  • Athena’s Aminas
  • Demeter’s Destiny
  • Mega Morpheus
  • Aprhodite’s Extraction
  • Hygeia’s Hydration
  • Poseidonzime
  • Triton’s Trawl
  • Pegasus Potion
  • Bloom Khaos
  • Hades Down
  • Olympus Up


Here is a great video put on by with the owner of Oregon’s Only, Scott:


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