Moraine extends moratorium on medical marijuana

MORAINE, Ohio (WDTN) — The Moraine City Council on Thursday voted to extend the moratorium on medical marijuana in the city.

Council members say it gives them an additional 180 days to review and grant building permits for growing and selling the drug.

Ohio passed legislation in June, 2016, giving the state 240 days to put rules and regulations for the cultivation and sale of medical marijuana in place.

Mayor Elaine Allison says she wants to make sure the state has everything squared away before the city makes it’s final decisions.

“It just makes sense,” Allison said. “There’s no reason for the city to pass something without knowing the underlying rules and regulations the state of Ohio is going to have in place.”

“We are going to sit tight, wait until they come out with the rules and regulations on their end, so we can make the right decisions for the city of Moraine.”

The state’s medical marijuana program is slated to become operational in September, 2018.

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