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Mama’s Little Helper – How Millennials are Perfecting Parenting with Pot

Dr. Dre said it best, “Smoke weed everyday.”  And he may have been onto something according to the growing number of Millennial moms doing just that. In case you didn’t know, Millennials use a lot of cannabis. More than half of the 55 million self reported recreational cannabis users are in generation ‘M’ [1]. And millennials are having babies, lots of them. According to pewresearch.org “…Millennial women (those born from 1981 to 1996) accounted for 82% of U.S. births in 2016”. [2]  That means that women ages 22 to 38 popped out more than 80% of all the babies born in 2016, and that percentage continues to rise.

And lots of those new Millennial moms and dads are using cannabis products in their everyday lives. A whole new generation is learning to parent the best they can and they are using marijuana and cannabis products, like CBD, to help them through their journey of parenthood. As cannabis and marijuana become more mainstream and accepted in society, both recreationally and medicinally, more and more parents are finding benefits in cannabis use.

As a parent, I am constantly looking for ways to manage the stresses of everyday life. Mindful breathing, exercise, proper diet, these are all good but who has time for all that with toddlers running around! Honestly I’m lucky to have time to catch my breath at all while inhaling a hot pocket. So I was extremely interested when I heard that some parents are turning to cannabis and CBD to aid them through their days and make them able to be better parents.

I talked to one Mom named Ashely Graham about how she uses cannabis as a parent. “I call it ‘Mama’s little helper’,” she says lightly chuckling. “My days are so chaotic with three toddlers that I was trying everything to help me be the best mom I can be. I was drinking two pots of coffee a day and I was still exhausted! I was stressed and couldn’t focus.” Then Ashley says her friend told her to try CBD to see if it helped. “I felt like I could breathe again, that I could focus and I was present and capable again. My anxiety went away and I felt like I could be mindful of my parenting again. It was a God-send.” 

That sentiment is echoed by parents from around the country that have all found the powerful benefits of cannabis. Like Jo Highland, a mom of two, “…who says that CBD helps her manage parenting stress and more calmly juggle responsibilities. ‘I have a husband who has a high-demand job with long hours and travel, so I am the one taking the kids to and from school, to gymnastics, to swimming…” She goes on to say that she chooses CBD over other anti-anxiety medicine because, “…[CBD] doesn’t impair my ability to take care of my kids” but still “makes me feel really calm and takes my anxiety from a 10 to a 4.” [3]

I also found a dad who uses CBD to help him be a better parent. Marc Lewis has two young children. He says, “A dropper of CBD makes this dad more patient… It’s like the kids scream less and those tiny hands aren’t so sticky.” Amen Marc, Amen. He also says he uses CBD, “…to take the edge off after a long day so I can lay on the floor and be a present father.” [3] I love that. Parents are using a once vilified plant to be better parents. To be more present and mindful. Rock on Millennial parents. We got this. I want to hear from you too if you’re a Canna-Parent! Share your experience with cannabis and parenting on our Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter! If you want more information on obtaining your medical marijuana card be sure to visit out friends at Ohio Marijuana Card.

Until next time, be kind babies.

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Written by ohiocannabis.com contributing writer sassylunchbox420, [email protected]

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