Johnstown To Be Ground Zero For Ohio Medical Marijuana With New Campus

 Johnstown Welcomes New Ohio Medical Marijuana Businesses
The small Village of 5,000 in Johnstown, Ohio is making huge efforts in positioning themselves at the forefront of the new Ohio medical marijuana industry. Home to one of the largest botanical oil extraction companies, Apeks Supercritical, they have already seen the plant’s potential. Apeks is listed on Inc. 5000’s list of the fastest growing private companies in the country.

Marijuana laws in Ohio allow for municipalities to opt out, effectively banning dispensaries and cannabis industry operations within their jurisdictions. Despite some opposition from residents, the village council voted in favor of allowing medical marijuana operations with a 6-1 vote in August.

In an exclusive interview with The Marijuana Times, Village Manager Jim Lenner was enthusiastic and optimistic about the budding industry. “I would say over 95 percent of the town comments I’ve been hearing are positive. A lot of people are under the mindset of, “its legal in Ohio at state level, so let’s be on the forefront of the new industry and reap the benefits.”

As the Village Manager, Lenner holds the duties of the Chief Administrative and Law Enforcement Officer.

A Johnstown local and cannabis entrepreneur, Andy Joseph, started Apeks Supercritical in Johnstown in 2001. His business manufactures the machinery used to extract cannabis oil in 20 other states, not (yet) including Ohio.

Joseph’s goal is to open a cannabis business park in Johnstown is to share his success in the cannabis industry with his neighbors. “The marijuana industry as a whole was $5.4 billion dollars last year, it’s expected to be 20 billion dollars by 2020,” Joseph said. The plan: turn 100 acres of industrial park land in Johnstown into an industrial park for cannabis businesses.

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