How to find doctors who can prescribe medical marijuana – and the drug itself!

Last June, Ohio joined the ranks of states like Oregon and California, legalizing the medical use of marijuana. Signed into law by Governor Kasich, this new law is not set to go fully into effect for at least a year, as three different government agencies – the Ohio Department of Commerce, the State Pharmacy Board and the State Medical Board – gather to oversee the new program.

Once the law goes into full effect, the next task for Ohio residents have a bit of an uphill battle as the infrastructure is in the beginning stages.  Which leave many Ohioans left with two questions “How do I find a doctor who can prescribe medical marijuana?” and “How do I find the marijuana itself?”

Finding a doctor – Finding a doctor to prescribe and approve your medical marijuana license can often be the most difficult task to complete. But it is the first step you must take if you wish to use medical marijuana to treat your ailments. Unfortunately, many medical professionals in Ohio are hesitant to prescribe this treatment as it remains in a legal haze.

Thankfully, there are several Internet-based resources for finding a doctor amenable to prescribing medical marijuana. Here are a few of them:

Finding the drug –  Once you have cleared the first hurdle and received your medical marijuana license, the next problem arises of where to find the product. The obvious source is in-state local suppliers who will also be overseen by the same agencies as the dispensaries. While there are no suppliers operating at the present, there are several out-of state ones poised to enter the Ohio market place when the new law takes effect on September 9th.

The actual state of medical marijuana is far from settled in Ohio. Proceed slowly before taking any action and certainly do not do anything illegal. There are many rivers to cross as they say. For more information on medical marijuana in general on or on specific Ohio doctors who will prescribe medical marijuana, please visit

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