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Cannabis Cryptocurrency Part 4: Gana Coin

Part 4 of our cryptocurrency series is Gana Coin (GANA).  This is actually a Korean based company that is trying to bring Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) data collection within the legal cannabis industry in the United States & world wide.

The 3 hottest trends in the world right now are probably A.I., cannabis & blockchain (cryptocurrency) so to see a company try and combine all 3 of them definitely makes you perk up and pay attention.  Data/information is always one of the most valuable types of commodities and cannabis data can be some of the most lucrative if a company like this is able to capitalize on it at the ground level.

Blockchain allows for transparent management of data collected from both consumers & companies.  GANA’s aim is to become the biggest data holder in the cannabis industry and with the right infrastructure and code, they could do just that.  They are looking to build their platform and have it accessible to consumers, growers, distributors, content & product makers along with research institutions & marketing firms and managed by their A.I. technology.

GANA tokens can be awarded by buying various products that GANA supports, providing their information & reviews/feedback for services that are within the GANA ecosystem.

Some of the type of data they will want to collect is medical, your cannabis lifestyle, your preferred taste in strains, dispensary reviews and more.  All of this data will be utilized by their A.I. platform and will provide info to everyone within the ecosystem to help facilitate offering better products & services based on customer feedback and thoughts.  Building an ecosystem that can learn from it’s users via A.I. can really help push the cannabis research farther than we can imagine right now, putting the full spectrum of data not only from “seed to sale” but all the way to user consumption & experience at our fingertips.

Now many of you may be concerned and say NO to an A.I. data collection technique, but when you are dealing with a decentralized network, you still own your data and the A.I. will truly serve the better function of the cannabis industry.

The mobile app will act as the communication interface with the A.I. technology.  It will gather quantitative and qualitative information and cluster them in groups of similar usage to verify the statistical hypotheses and provide optimized solutions to users on the platform.

There are a lot of different cryptocurrencies out there, but less than 10 cannabis cryptocurrencies.  Gana has a great shot at making a big impact in the “Green Rush” of the United States.

Gana’s ICO is just coming to the end, in fact they are less than 24 hours out at the time of this writing from finishing their ICO.  They originally set the total tokens at 2.4 billion and for every 1 ETH, you would receive 20,000 GANA.  And while they may have come a bit short of their hardcap, they did raise 14,495 ETH (Ethereum) between private & public sales & do have enough funding to get this project fully off the ground and create a working app for the cannabis community to use.  They do plan on “burning” un-purchased tokens, which means they will destroy them by sending to an unusable wallet address.

You can read their whitepaper here: GANA Whitepaper

And of course like any good cryptocurrency, they have their own GANA Telegram.


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