Ohio Statehouse

Historical Healing: Patient Gathering and Awareness

Join TDCANN Institute as we collaborate with Ohio advocacy leaders to gather, educate, and protest our current situation related to HB523.

We invite you to share your journey, and let your VOICE BE HEARD.

All patients, caregivers, and attendees will have an opportunity to share your stories and journey.

Featured Speakers Include:

Bob Bridges – Medical Marijuana Advisory Committee Member Representing Patients

Theresa Daniello – Patient Advocate; Oriented Ohio Republican Party leadership to cannabis. Founder/Author of two Patient Rights based Amendments

Lorrie Callahan – MS Patient – Update from Josh Crossney’s Portland Cannabis Science Conference

Tasha Rountree – Instrumental in bringing the Dayton Leadership the historic opportunity to place Sensible Decrim on the ballot for voters to decide if less than 200g of cannabis should be decrimed within the city limits.

Robert Kowalski – Veterans Ending the Stigma – World Health Organization update; Veterans and Cannabis Issues

Angelica Warren – Patient Advocate – speaking about the lack of attention to patients during the last 2+ years; the lack of access to patients with immediate needs.

Pricilla Lovine Harris – Sensible Cleveland; Political leadership Educator

Additional agenda items include:
Yogi~Cann experience
How do I Lobby?
A Patient’s Voice
Science and Research: The Latest

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