Entrepreneurs & Medical Professionals: Here’s What You Need To Know About The New Ohio Medical Marijuana Industry

With medical marijuana being legal in Ohio only a short time away, many hopeful entrepreneurs, medical professionals & patients are still wondering how exactly this is going to allow them to get involved in this new budding industry.  We will try our best to document all of the available information here for those that are curious and want to get involved.


  • No business will be allowed to operate within 500 feet of a school, public playground, church, public park or public library. Certain criminal convictions are disqualifying for people wanting to grow marijuana.
  • The Board of Pharmacy will issue licenses to medical marijuana retail dispensaries.
  • Medical marijuana will be regulated by the Ohio State Pharmacy Board, State Medical Board and Department of Commerce.
  • Businesses seeking to cultivate, process or test cannabis must apply with the Ohio Department of Commerce.
  • An advisory board of 14 people from relevant backgrounds will recommend rules to regulating agencies.
  • Local governments can limit and ban cannabis companies doing business in their jurisdiction, but will miss out on the economic development benefits.
  • Banks, attorneys and other professional servicers have “Safe Harbor” so they can provide services to businesses and individuals working or seeking to work in Ohio’s new cannabis industry, ensuring they can not be arrested for helping cannabis companies.

Doctors & Nurses:

  • Doctors will be required to complete at least two hours of training on diagnosing and treating conditions with marijuana.
  • Physicians who are certified by the Ohio State Medical Association must first obtain a certificate from the Medical Board before issuing recommendation for treatment to their patients.
  • Physicians may be disqualified for certification if they have a financial stake in growing marijuana, have lost their license to practice medicine or have been convicted of certain crimes.

Employers & Employees:

  • Current legislation allows for employee termination for marijuana use ― even when it is recommended by a physician.
  • People fired for medical cannabis use are not eligible for unemployment compensation.
  • Ohio remains an at-will state.
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