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Rec weed in 90 days !!

Various medical dispensaries will be selling Recreation flower in 90 days for a statistical purpose.

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nice!! where did ya come up with this info?


grow Ohio employees

Honestly I think it makes sense for everyone to just let the current dispensaries sell to the recreational market.

I also like the fact Dewine wants to implement access immediately, instead of waiting the 90 days.

They have the supply and the distribution and the demand is there.

All of the medical license holders were given a free upgrade to an adult use license anyways, so it's all the same infrastructure.

It will be nice when they open up the licensing again for everything and more people can get in and help drive down the price for the customer.  Not so great for business long term, but great for the end-user!

Hopefully they can offer better pricing and the shit will start flying off the shelves!

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One of our medical dispensaries here in Piqua has assured me that they are set up to sell rec as soon as is legally possible!


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I think they should get all of the medical dispensaries setup for rec ASAP!

Why wait?  The supply, distribution & demand is there.  Politics is such a weird & silly part of life.

You see what politics has done to the whole country.!! It's.

Too bad politics has to be involved in everything.

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