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Nice farmers market today Johnny!

I stopped in and walked around and I’m glad you are taking charge and making events like this happen…. Looking forward to participating more in the future!

Thank you so much, that means a lot to me!

I'm glad you were able to make it out!

3/23 in Circleville!

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I'm hoping you (we) can get the columbus/circleville area primed up and ready to attend this next event..... maybe can even secure some bi-weekly events to really get things going!!  I've been waiting a good portion of my life for these sort of events to start happening in OH and im glad we have you taking charge my man! I saw you on youtube at the house finance comnmittee hearing rocking the black shirt with "" on it....that's how I found you. Pure genius move...  I've been in the closet for close to two decades and can finally come out now thanks to you and the rest of the voters in ohio.... anything I can do to help, let me know. When we finally meet in person, you will learn how much I can contribute to the community and have in the past without anyone knowing  it was me 😀 😀 :D.....

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Thank you for all those kinds words bro!  I'm out here trying to kick up some dust!

This is such a huge point in history to be at the end of prohibition and I'm happy to help as many people out as I can get their own home grow going!

Circleville is going to be bigger & better than Cleveland was!

Then the 4/20 Festival & Farmers Market is shaping up to be pretty epic!

I know that no product can be sold and that is cool. What about seeds? I read the article about the Canton one coming up and the term "genetics" was mentioned. Does that mean seeds are sold?

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Vendors will have Genetics available as seeds or cuttings/clones via donations.

So yes, you can get genetics at our Farmers Markets & get your home grow started!

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