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K&G's New Mini Cave!!

If you ever want to see the quintessential grow journal videos, check plantboy100 on y/t.  Unfortunately, he does not grow any longer.  Canna is much cheaper in Alberta than it once was, and electricity is NOT.  On top of that, rippers hit his house and cleaned him out.  So much effort and love, gone to waste...not to mention, I know the man well enough to know that if those rippers had come to him honestly, in need, he would have SHARED HIS BOUNTY!

Anyway, the name of my grow room is in homage to my friend, who taught me much.  He was an organic soil grower.  I have been the same, in the past, but I'm going to try hydro this time around.  I've been researching other channels on y/t - namely, PirateboarderLife and HygroHybrid.

I've already started "construction" - not that there's real construction, per se.  I had an HVAC company show up and cut a vent hole in the dining room floor, going downstairs.  I'm going to pull fresh air from upstairs, so that it is still "fresh", but is also at room temp - 70 - 75 degrees F, which will help keep the environment temps balanced in the cave!

I have a SpiderFarmer 5 x 5 x 6.5 tent...which is my vertical limit!  The ceiling (rafters) down there are 6'9", so it's a bit of a squeeze building out the tent.  Anyway, once it is up, I have some beans to soak and start...namely:

Kona Sunset
Purple Kush

OG Kush
Grape Ape
Gorilla Glue #4
White Widow
Grandaddy Purps
Alien Rock Candy
Blackberry Moonrocks
Permanent Marker
Fruity Pebbles

I can hardly wait to get some strong females started, and get some clones going!  Pictures coming when I get the tent up, and get started 🙂


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OhioCannabisBud Good

Sounds awesome bro!  Those are all killer strains for sure!

I am working on getting the image upload issue fixed and then you can start sharing your new grow!

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So, the tent frame should get put together tomorrow.  The lights, fans and outside air will be this weekend.  Once I have it pretty much set up, I'll sprout some.  Since I'm limited to six (for now - have a roommate moving in come May), I'm going to do one each of:

Grape Ape
Gorilla Glue
White Widow
Grandaddy Purps
Permanent Marker
Fruity Pebbles

These are all very indica dominant, and should provide me a fairly even canopy.

I'll take pictures while we're going at it, and post them when we resolve the images thing!


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I have the girls germinating!  The tent should be assembled this weekend, next weekend I can take some lumber and start construction on a "veg station".  Let's try another photo upload... dice.  Well, I have an identical grow journal on me there! (PS to Admins - I would MUCH rather have a local grow journal, so you might try to work on that image thing)


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All but the Grape Ape have popped!!  Would love to show pics and make this the first true grow journal on the site, but - oh yes...need to be able to save pics here!



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Those all sound like super killer strains!

You should clone them before you flip to flower for sure.

Ugh this image thing has been a pain in the ass, I am the Webmaster & designer & I have so many layers of security the specialty dev team couldn't get in in lol

So I'm working on getting them access tonight so they can troubleshoot.

But soon!

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I’ve grown the White Widow and GG4, looking forward to the photos. Rome wasn’t built in a day, I’m sure things will all come together soon. I’ve got zillions of photos too.  Also, when OC commented on the clones. I agree, save at least lowest 4 cuts.   Good practice on cloning and understanding the strain. You can also take flowering clones. I personally never go past week two of flower because I pull out each Indica plant and usually clean out the middles and keep all the clones.  Some indicas are very bushy and need some good pruning anyway.  Monster Cropping (or flowering clones) can do wonders for some fast growing indica strains  and I’m currently working with Blueberry Muffins (Razzleberry x Purple Panty Dropper) the fastest at 49 days flower normally. Got the monster clones going now. They can take two weeks to root.  Also, I do a lot of regular seeds for pheno hunts of females and you don’t know for two weeks which of the 8 I usually do per room is even a female. So that’s when I take clones of those too.  I’m really interested in the fruity pebbles and PM. Best of luck!

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