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CBD Living Vape Pen Review

CBD Living Vape Pen Review

Recently I, Sunny Sansone, and Sassylunchbox420 tied the knot and were given the most awesome CBD Living Vape pens as wedding gift from JohnnyCannabis himself. 

We received two in total with one being Bubble Gum flavored and the other one being Sour Diesel flavored. 

Both of us suffer from severe anxiety and this full spectrum CBD diposable vape pen was able to take the edge off so we could enjoy our vacation without suffering from debilitating anxiety.

CBD Living Vape PenThe pens were lightweight and easy to conceal so no matter where we went we were able to have them on us. So from the campfire to exploring the shops downtown, the CBD Living Vape Pen was able to keep us nicely medicated and at ease.

Sunny Sansone – “The thing I liked most about the pen was the quick effects and relief it gave me. I could take one or two puffs and be totally comforted. This meant an ultimate lift of my anxiety with a light body buzz to follow. I also liked how there was barely any smell making it discrete and easy to carry around on excursions.”

Sassylunchbox420 – “My favorite thing about the vape pens other than the clean CBD buzz, was the branding. I’ve experienced a lot vape pens in the past few years and this one blew me away. The pen had a sophisticated design that gave us both great hits while having a unique style that set it apart from competitors. So not only was it stylish, but it was practical as well.”

So no matter if you are a sophisticated Vape Pen users or a total newbie, we would highly recommend the CBD Living Vape Pen. 

Thanks for reading our CBD Living Vape Pen Review. 


Sunny Sansone and Sassylunchbox420

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