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All About The Ailments – PTSD 

All About The Ailments – PTSD 

We’d like to welcome you to the third installment of our latest series called,  “All About The Ailments.” We’ve partnered with to discuss and spotlight each of the qualifying medical ailments that cannabis has been approved to treat in the state of Ohio. 

This week we will be covering PTSD, how cannabis helps treat it, and what patients are saying about how cannabis helps them. 

What Is PTSD?

“Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is a mental health condition that’s triggered by a terrifying event — either experiencing it or witnessing it. Symptoms may include flashbacks, nightmares and severe anxiety, as well as uncontrollable thoughts about the event.”

How Could Medical Marijuana Help PTSD?

According to, “Studies all over the US and Canada have shown that medical marijuana can be a great solution for both the mental and physical symptoms of PTSD. The FDA has recently approved the use of medical marijuana for veterans with PTSD based on these findings. Because cannabinoid receptors are located in both the brain and throughout the body, the science shows that this treatment offers relief from things such as anxiety and hallucinations, as well as relief from the physical symptoms of PTSD such as pain and the inability to sleep. 

Cannabinoid receptors in the body help to replace the neurotransmitters that are responsible for creating the “fight or flight” reaction that leads to extreme anxiety. In one study in Ottawa, 72% of PTSD patients had fewer nightmares while receiving medical marijuana. In another study in New York, it was shown that people with PTSD may actually have more cannabinoid receptors in the body than non-PTSD sufferers, which could indicate why medical marijuana is so helpful for this condition. A study performed on rats showed that a cannabidiol medication (medical marijuana without the THC) caused the subjects to forget about pain they were feeling. These studies all together lead scientists to believe that medical marijuana can help quell feelings of anxiety related to memories, and reduce physical symptoms of anxiety.

The relief that medical marijuana can offer to PTSD patients can also reduce the risk of substance abuse and self-medication, two big risks related to this disorder. Veterans given cannabis by the VA in 2014 were shown to lower their use of alcohol and recreational drugs. And because they sought their marijuana from a medical source, their doctors were able to ensure that they were smoking the correct strain of marijuana in its purest form. Overall, this practice has led to healthier patients in every study conducted.”

What The Patient Has To Say

We interviewed a Marijuana user from Ohio who gave us insight on how cannabis has helped her treat her PTSD. 

“My life changed drastically one night when a traumatic loss happened. After that I suffered flashbacks, severe anxiety, and other PTSD symptoms that made my life unmanageable. I went through counseling, treatment, and other methods of treating my PTSD but I still suffered severe symptoms. However, once I started using cannabis things started to change. I was able to wind down and relax for once. My anxiety was lifted and I felt like I could function as a normal person again. Long story short, cannabis began giving me my life back. I felt as if it was a gift from God to be honest.” 

As time goes on, more and more research is coming out about how cannabis can help treat ailments like PTSD. Has it helped you? Let us know your story in the comments below!

Until then, stay informed and be kind.

Sunny Sansone and SassyLunchBox420 

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