Bill O’Neill Spoke To The Lakewood Democratic Club

Bill O’Neill had the opportunity to speak by himself at the Lakewood Democratic Club last Thursday night the 26th, at Lakewood Park Women’s pavilion.

It was a nice event with refreshments including pizza with around 60 people in attendance, apparently low for them because of the sports games on that night.  They had a few house keeping items to take care of first, which included voting YES on Issue 1.

Bill spoke for about a half hour in regards to his platform: legalize marijuana, tax it $500 million and setup a network of mental health and addiction clinics.  This really seemed to sit well with the audience as there were several questions in regards to this, including if it was “appropriate” to institutionalize people again.  A woman who works in the medical field backed Bill up saying that these people that are mentally ill are prone to violence if they aren’t treated properly.  And of course the heroin epidemic badly needs some REAL, long term care.

After a few rounds of questions, which including knowing why he needed a driver to how we can fix the education program here in Ohio.

It was a great meeting, even if everyone wasn’t for him, it at least opened up more people’s eyes as to his genuine regard to saving lives in Ohio when he would become Governor of Ohio.

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