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5 Creative Ways to Use CBD This Summer

The weather’s heating up, the days are getting longer and the cool nights seem to be filled with endless possibilities. Yes, summer is finally here! Whether that means relaxing at home, lounging by a pool or taking some fun summer vacations, there are so many ways to enjoy this great season. For those of us that love to consume cannabis, it’s one of the best times of year, too. Think outdoor seshes, camping trips with your squad, and summer BBQ treats made even more delicious with a little pre-snack smoke.

One way we love to combine our love for hot summer weather and cannabis? CBD! Whether you prefer a CBD tincture, extract or topical, there are so many ways to add CBD to your summer routine to enhance your experience every day. First, let’s tackle a bit of background on what really is CBD, then get down to the good stuff — our favorite ways to use CBD all summer long.

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The Science Behind CBD

It’s having a serious moment in the spotlight as legalization sweeps the nation, but what actually is CBD? Derived from the cannabis or hemp plant, Cannabidiol or CBD for short is an element that naturally occurs and can be extracted, with no psychoactivity and a ton of medicinal benefits.


Without further ado, here are our favorite ways to enjoy CBD in the summertime… or, anytime really:

Toast With Refreshing CBD Drinks

Summer is all about tasty, thirst quenching cocktails. Why not add a little CBD to your next drink? A few drops from a CBD tincture will add a smooth, earthy flavor as well as all of the soothing medicinal benefits.

CBD Cocktails

Can alcohol and CBD go together? Absolutely! While mixing cannabis and alcohol can get a little dicey (if you’ve ever been “cross faded”, you know what we’re talking about), CBD is psychoactivity free, meaning it won’t mess with your booze buzz. Use your CBD tincture dropper to add a couple splashes to your mixed drink, wine or other favorite adult beverage.

CBD Smoothies

Is there anything better than a cool fresh fruit smoothie in the summer? Our favorite fruits at their peak, amp up your next smoothie or pressed juice with a couple drops of CBD. With it’s anxiety reducing properties, your morning smoothie will instantly gain superpowers.

Nosh on CBD Infused Picnic Snacks

Eating outdoors is one of the best parts about summer, hands down. For your next picnic, BBQ or get together with friends, bring along some infused edibles for your cannabis loving friends to try. Drizzle some CBD infused honey on a slice of watermelon, add a couple drops of CBD to your favorite condiments, and finish off fresh veggies with some CBD olive oil and a hit of black pepper. Or, bring along a CBD oil vape pen to pass around among friends as you chat and snack.

Slay Your Sunburn with CBD Aloe Vera

That strong summer sun can be super harsh on your skin, especially if you’ve been covered up all winter. To supercharge your after-sun routine, add a few drops of CBD extract to your Aloe Vera, and gently massage it into your sunburn. CBD’s anti-inflammatory properties will soothe your skin in an instant.


Add CBD to Your Summer Haircare Routine

Salt, sun and sand frying your strands? CBD is as great on your hair as it is on your skin. Add a couple drops to your conditioner, and leave in for 5 minutes while you’re in the shower. The steam and heat will help the CBD penetrate your strands, leaving your hair smooth and silky.


There you have it, friends. We hope you’ll be inspired to use CBD all summer long in many new and creative ways. Have a special way you love to use CBD in the summertime, and beyond? Let us know in the comments below!

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