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Lack of education about the effectiveness of cannabis

I think continuing to push research to the forefront will stop the naysayers who think cannabis isn’t effective.

We’ve discovered so much about what this plant is capable of these last 10 years that I think it’s blown everyone’s mind. And then that pushes us to the education.

When people understand something they’re more comfortable and ok with it especially when they realize this plant is actually helping people and not hurting society the way it’s been demonized.

Imagine where we’ll be legally and research wise in another 10 years. We’ve just rediscovered the most amazing plant on this planet.

Johnny is the Mad Scientist & Wizard behind the curtain of OhioCannabis.com. He proudly handles OhioCannabis.com, the #1 Industry Insider & Lifestyle Brand for marijuana-related news. Visit their Facebook page: /ohioweedcom/.



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