Ohio Medical Marijuana Dispensaries

Ohio Medical Marijuana Dispensaries
Ohio Medical Marijuana Dispensaries

Ohio Medical Marijuana Dispensaries are roughly about 70% open and operational as of November 2019.  So that leaves about 18 more licenses to go.

The following Ohio Dispensaries are all open for business. Terrasana, Bloom Medicinals and The Botanist each have 4 locations open. Clubhouse, Ohio Cannabis Company, Pure Ohio Wellness, About Wellness Ohio, and Buckeye Botanicals. CY+, Debbie’s Dispensary, Eagle Dispensaries, FRX Health, gLeaf Medical Cannabis, Leaf Relief, Mad River Remedies. Ohio Provisions, Ohio Valley Natural Relief, Soothe, Strawberry Fields has 4 locations open, The Forest, Verdant Creations. Last but not least, RiSE Dispensaries currently has 3 locations open with another 2 by the end of 2019. Because most of them have been open for several months now selling medical cannabis products, they are starting to have a great selection. Cannabis comes in a variety of forms from flower, tinctures, gummies, vapes and more.

But first you must get qualified as a Patient under Ohio’s program. Then you’ll need to bring your Patient ID card with you in either digital form or hard copy. It’s issued to you digitally, so it’s really up to you if you want to have it printed out, a copy on your smartphone will suffice.

Find qualified, Ohio Medical Marijuana Doctors in our Doctor Directory. We also have a list of the 21 Qualifying Conditions to become a Medical Marijuana Patient in Ohio.


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