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CY+ Dispensary (Wintersville)

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Contact Information
180 Main Street
Wintersville, Ohio 95833
Phone: 740.617.8649
Ohio Dispensary Information:

Business Leaders, Medical Professionals & Industry Advocates

CY+ Dispensary in Wintersville, Ohio is owned & operated by Cresco Labs.  Cresco is drafting the new cannabis narrative through regulatory compliance and professional process-based operations that consistently produce high-quality products for consumers. Since inception, we have sourced field experts to drive innovation forward in the regulated cannabis market. Together, we have shaped the framework for the future of the industry.

CY+ Dispensary Wintersville are Leaders in Professional Cannabis

As one of the fastest-growing companies in cannabis, Cresco Labs leads industry across multiple disciplines. We are involved with every element of the seed-to-sales process - starting with state-of-the-art-cultivation facilities, precisely designed to produce thriving cannabis plants. Our in-house lab team ensures product purity and quality before moving products through production, packaging, and shipment. We distribute our products to dispensaries nationwide, including several dispensaries owned and operated by our team.

Community Service

From local event sponsorship's to direct resource givebacks, being a great neighbor is part of our DNA.

Patient Education

Be it a public awareness campaign or our first of it's kind learning center, education is something we're fanatical about.

Industry Advocacy

We're staunch believers in the power of medical marijuana and routinely support causes the increase patient access.

CY+ Dispensary Wintersville is Locally operated with nationally recognized expertise

The partnership with Cresco Labs allows CY+ Dispensary to bring its local expertise to a wider number of people and communities, providing their exceptional service along with Cresco’s superior pharmaceutical-grade relief solutions all across the Pennsylvania and Ohio.

Headquartered in Chicago, Illinois, Cresco Labs operates nearly 20 facilities across 6 different highly regulated markets. Cresco has quickly become a fan favorite of patients and regulators alike, because of our dedication to providing the best experience and products to the patients we serve.


Dispensary Hours:

Sunday - Monday: CLOSED

Tuesday - Saturday: 10:00am - 6:00pm



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