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10 Popular Marijuana Strains at Online Dispensaries in Canada

Marijuana has always been popular in Canada. Maybe the love for the green stuff can be explained by the many hours that Canadians spend indoors bored with not much to do while we wait out the harsh winters? That or maybe it is because they are generally of a liberal mindset when compared to people of other countries.

Whatever the reason has traditionally been, one thing is for certain: the 2018 legalization of cannabis has only served to stoke interest in cannabis further in the Great White North. The variety of great marijuana strains available is near endless.

So many people had previously been put off by the stigma associated with the decades-long criminalization of cannabis. That’s all changed and buying marijuana at an online dispensary is easy. Many big dispensaries including Herb Approach also offer coupon codes for 10-20% off and welcome gifts.

What you’ll find below is a list of 10 popular marijuana strains in Canada. 

  1. Blueberry

Taking its name from its signature fruity smell and taste, Blueberry is one of the most legendary strains in Canada. The vaunted Indica cannabis flowers have been some of the most sought after among Canadian cannabis connoisseurs for many years for its heady high and potent THC punch. Having won the High Times’ Cannabis Cup in 2000 for Best Indica, there are not many better loved buds out there today.

  1. Blue Dream

If you thought Blueberry was popular, then its offspring, Blue Dream, may be even more so. A Sativa-dominant hybrid strain which is native to California, Blue Dream is a giant of the West Coast cannabis scene. The strain was born from a cross between Haze and Blueberry, and its high THC content produces a pleasant full-body relaxation which is loved by novices and old-hands alike.

  1. Gelato

Another strain that is favored for its high potency is Gelato. Known for its tangy orange and blueberry overtones, Gelato is a hybrid strain that packs a serious punch. Its 20% THC content is enough to induce serious sensations of euphoria and deep relaxation. Novice users should approach this beast with a degree of caution; if you are not careful, you may find yourself glued to the couch for the foreseeable.

  1. God Bud

A winner of the High Times’ Cannabis Cup for Best Indica in 2004, God Bud lives up to its name with its heavenly high. The plant is a cross between Hawaiian Landrace, Purple Skunk and God. If you like your weed heavy, you can guarantee that God Bud will put you in a comatose state for a good while. For CBD lovers, there are also varieties that contain anywhere between 4% and 10% CBD.

  1. Granddaddy Purple

With its pungent aroma of berries and grapes, Granddaddy Purple is another on this list that has won a series of growers’ awards. Complicated to grow but extremely rewarding to smoke, this strain can possess a THC content of up to 24%, making it popular among people who use marijuana for medicinal purposes.

  1. Northern Lights

There are not many strains which have a more distinctive smell and taste than Northern Lights. It is known as one of the three strains (alongside Skunk #1 and Haze) that have revolutionized cannabis culture over the last few decades. The origin of Northern Lights is unknown, but the pure Indica strain is known for its stick, pungent buds and deep, cerebral high.

  1. Gorilla Glue

Gorilla Glue is the spawn of three other great strains: Sour Dubb, Chem Sister and Chocolate Diesel. The strain is renowned for its incredibly high resin content and its massive THC percentage of 24-26%. If you are wondering where the name comes from, try smoking a little and see how you are quickly glued to your seat.

  1. Green Crack

Green Crack is another popular Sativa strain which is known for its uplifting buzzy effect. Green Crack is actually a nickname that has stuck; the real name of this strain is Green Kush. Many people have commented on the intense psychoactive effects experienced when smoking Green Crack, but it does not induce couchlock, making it a perfect daytime smoke.

  1. White Widow

Typified by its loose buds which are covered with crystals, White Widow is one of the most iconic strains out there today. Canadians love the strain for its feel-good factor and its promotion of chattiness and sociability. Having originated in Amsterdam in 1994, White Widow is a favorite for its potent, all-purpose THC profile.

  1. White Rhino

Another strain which is known to stimulate sociability is White Rhino. With White Widow as its progenitor,  its origins come from around strains which are native to Afghanistan (Indica), Brazil (Sativa) and India (Indica). White Rhino is known for its intense, long-lasting cerebral high and its high THC content of around 20%.

The Final Word

Canadians have always been partial to good weed, and this taste has only intensified since the dawn of the legal weed era. The availability of weed these days in Canada is unprecedented. With the emergence of online mail-order weed dispensaries, all it takes is a few clicks online to order any of the old favorites mentioned in this post.

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